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The Ball Overdenture Bi-Model

Our unique Bi-Model clearly demonstrates to patients
the advantages of the attachment retained overdenture

$225 (includes product support, details below)

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Product Description:

The lower Ball Overdenture Bi-Model is made of high quality crystal clear acrylic that has edentulous and partially edentulous ridges opposing each other. The partially edentulous ridge has a decoronated root in the number 22 position and an implant in the number 27 position. Both the root and the implant have a generic ball attachment placed on them that are visible through the crystal clear acrylic. The model also has a lower overdenture with two female retentive attachments. The overdenture will sit on one side of the model and snap onto the other side.


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The Ball Overdenture Bi-Model is designed to stand upright on a counter with the denture in place retained by the attachments maintains a very small footprint and is used during the treatment planning process. It is recommended that one be also kept in the hygiene room so the hygienist can emphasize the advantages of saving natural roots and the benefits of having implants.

The Ball Overdenture Bi-Model clearly demonstrates the cosmetic, retentive, nutritional, psychological and proprioceptive advantages of attachment retained overdentures. The patient can actually hold the model and place the overdenture on both sides of it to experience the difference for themselves. This exercise allows the patient to play an active role in their treatment planning and decision making and leads to greater case acceptance.

The Ball Overdenture Bi-Model is not designed to limit the dentist in their selection of attachments.  Dental attachments are chosen based on functionality as it relates to the patient and the existing oral conditions. It serves as a tool for patients, demonstrating the advantages of using attachments in treatment planning. Please consult with the various attachment companies to insure selecting the proper attachment suitable to the treatment planning needs of the patient.

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Product Support:

The Ball Overdenture Bi-Model also comes with:

  • Instructions on how to effectively communicate to patients all the advantages of having an attachment retained overdenture.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to construct an attachment retained overdenture on roots and implants.
  • A  free telephone treatment planning consultation with Dr. Bambara on case design and setup.


Dr. George E. Bambara,
M.S., D.M.D.

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