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Attachments & Implants: A Nuts & Bolts Approach -- Half-Day



Suggested Audience: Dentists, Lab Technicians

This course is designed for those who want to learn how to treatment plan dental attachments to implants. Many case designs are discussed ranging from two to eight implants. Covers many treatment planning options for implant attachment prosthetics as well as the differences between implants and natural teeth.

Course Description:

Attachment and implant dentistry provide a very functional and esthetic means to achieve the treatment planning objectives of the dentist as well as overwhelming patient satisfaction. Attachments are rigid or resilient connectors that redirect the forces of occlusion. They are stress attenuators and absorbers. Their function is to protect and preserve soft tissue and bone, as well as provide retention and cosmetic alternatives. Implants are devices that are rigidly fixated to bone. This characteristic differentiates them from natural teeth. Their long term success depends on bone characteristics, occlusal relationships and loading forces as well as the types of attachments selected.

The course explores the rationale for using attachments as connectors to implants.It clarifies the role of the restorative dentist who initiates treatment planning the amount of implants that will insure success through the use of study models, wax bites, occlusal set ups and surgical stents. A clear understanding of what needs to be achieved must be established first by the restorative dentist and communicated to the surgeon and to the patient. Implants must be placed where they can be successfully restored and not just where there is available bone.

Treatment planning options from two to ten implants are presented. Various precision and semi-precision attachment cases are reviewed along with numerous types of resilient and non-resilient bar units, joints, studs, magnets, screws, and various accessory attachments. The quantity and quality of available bone, various ridge relationships, number of implants placed and the anterior-posterior spread are explained and elaborated. Treatment plans are presented using attachments and implants in a variety of removable or fixed prosthetics approaches.

Clinical cases are reviewed and a logical approach to the treatment planning of attachment and implants is presented which insures long term success and patient satisfaction. Participants will gather knowledge, excitement and confidence enabling them to utilize attachments and implants in their daily practice immediately.

Participants are encouraged to bring questions which will be discussed throughout the presentation as well as any of their past experiences with attachments.

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, attendees will:

  • Have a fuller understanding of how rigid or resilient attachments work to insure successful implant prosthetics
  • Explore the treatment possibilities using bars and stud attachments
  • Learn how to first do occlusal set ups and create surgical stents
  • Learn the Do’s and Don’ts in attachment case treatment planning
  • Learn the treatment planning differences between implants and natural teeth
  • Learn how to successfully treatment plan two to eight implants using attachments
  • Learn how accessory attachments work to enhance retention and esthetics
  • Gain a new level of confidence in treatment planning attachment retained fixed, segmented or overdenture prosthetics

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Dr. George E. Bambara,
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