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What attendees are saying about Attachment Dentistry Seminars:


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"I had a great time at your seminar and really enjoyed all the interaction the group had. I like the location at Olde Vine and didn't mind the drive." – Bill Walker (Attendee at the Attachment Dentistry Seminar, Long Island, NY)


Thanks for such a great course. I have been using attachments for years but it was good to finally understand the differences and indications. Your knowledge is encyclopedic and I thank you for being such a good teacher." –Dr. J.L.


You are one of the few who understand and keep the concept of precision and semi-precision attachments alive." – Dr. E.S.


“I took Dr. Bambara's course on implants and attachments and found it to be extremely practical and informative. He is a wonderful resource for difficult cases. I highly recommend anyone doing bar-retained prosthesis to take his course."


The confidence I gained in the workshop enabled me to not be afraid of using dental attachments.”


“Too bad we didn’t learn this stuff in Dental School!”


“I never learned so much useful information in such a short period of time.”


“The presentation was easy to understand and very logically presented. The handouts and attachment materials made all the difference."


“I enjoyed your attachment course last Friday and Saturday. I saw some of the attachments demonstrated on the floor per your suggestion, and I am going to begin to use them.”


“The speaker was excellent; all the questions I had coming into the course were answered.”



Dr. George E. Bambara,
M.S., D.M.D.

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"I took Dr. Bambara's course on
implants and attachments and found it
to be extremely practical and informative.
[Dr. Bambara] is a wonderful resource
for difficult cases."




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