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Hands-On Half-Day Workshop – Attachments & Implants

Limited to 30 participants


Suggested Audience: Dentists, Lab Technicians

A hands-on simulation of actual dental procedures.

Course Description:

The participants will work on typodont models which will have implants placed in them. Two attachment abutment systems are used for demonstration. An attachment abutment is placed on the implant and  torqued to the required torsion as directed by the specific implant abutment requirements. The use of the torque wrench is demonstrated. The process of how the male or female attachment is picked up in bisacryl is performed for each of the attachment abutment systems. The corresponding male or female retentive element located in the overdenture is checked for retention on the model after trimming and finishing. This element is then changed and a new one is replaced, simulating what is done chairside by the dentist.

The workshop will include the demonstration of appropriate block out materials. A hands-on approach is used throughout the session as well as a PowerPoint presentation.

Course Objectives:

The participants will:

  • Learn how to select the proper implant attachment abutments
  • Learn how various angled attachment abutments can correct for misaligned implants
  • Become familiar with implant attachment abutment armamentarium
  • Quick cure attachments in denture bases
  • Replace worn out male retentive elements
  • Use block out materials

At the conclusion of the session, participants will experience increased confidence when placing attachments chairside, a familiarity of attachment dynamics, and the ability to include attachments in the treatment planning of removable prosthetics.

It is suggested that dentists bring their magnifying loupes as well as a laboratory coat.

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Dr. George E. Bambara,
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