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Hands-On Workshop Titles

Hands-On Half-Day WorkshopOverdenture Attachment

This workshop allows the dentist to select and prepare roots for attachments and cement them into place. The corresponding males are cured in the denture and the retentive elements are replaced. The finished model includes a Hader bar.
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Hands-On Half-Day WorkshopAttachments & Implants

This workshop shows the dentist how to select the proper implant attachment abutments, torque them into place and to cure the males in the denture, as well as replace the retentive elements.
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1-Hour Demo – Attachments, Overdentures & Implants

This course demonstrates a different attachment every hour. The dentist can decide which attachments they would like to learn about or sign up for all of them.
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Dr. George E. Bambara,
M.S., D.M.D.

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"I took Dr. Bambara's course on
implants and attachments and found it
to be extremely practical and informative.
[Dr. Bambara] is a wonderful resource
for difficult cases."




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